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    1. Mitchell J. Banas, Jr.
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    4. Beverley S. Braun
    5. David G. Brock
    6. Thomas E. Brydges
    7. Melinda G. Disare
    8. Michael C. Donlon
    9. Gayle L. Eagan
    10. Patrick L. Emmerling
    11. Lauren A. Suttell
    12. Vincent O. Hanley
    13. Michele O. Heffernan
    14. Michael E. Hickey
    15. Nicholas J. Hoffman
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    19. Joseph P. Kubarek
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    41. Nicole R. Tzetzo
    42. Gail A. Darrow
    43. Kristen B. Francemone
    44. Karen L. Gengo
    45. Meghan M. McDonnell
    46. Amanda L. Pachucinski
    47. Milena Vorndran
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    1. Allied Motion Technologies Inc.
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    6. Southtowns Radiology Associates, LLC
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  6. Publications
    1. Articles
      1. Environmental FYI: CERCLA's Settlement Minefield
      2. Insurance Company Acquisitions: Legal Considerations in New York State
      3. Social Media in the Workplace is Both a Blessing and a Curse
      4. Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti Harassment Policy
      5. The "Summary of Benefits and Coverage" Requirement Under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”)
      6. Function Follows Form: An Overview of Form Based Zoning
      7. Legal alliance earns Jaeckle high ranking
      8. Standardizing Efficiencies in Business Litigation
      9. Tuomey Verdict is Chilling Reminder of Stark Law Risks
      10. Practicing law on mobile devices more common - David Brock featured in Buffalo Law Journal special report
      11. Early Mediation: The Sooner the Better?
      12. Looming changes in trade secret protection
      13. Gauging the impact of religious freedom post Hobby Lobby ruling, Business First of Buffalo features Robert W. Patterson
      14. Raymond Reichert comments in Buffalo Law Journal Article's review of the Burger King Tim Hortons Merger
      15. Commonwealth Fund Case Study Buffalo & Western New York
      16. Costly medical privacy breaches
    2. Alerts
      1. 2005 Alerts
        1. Medicare Part D Deadlines Approaching
        2. IRS Allows More Flexibility in Flexible Spending Accounts
        3. Litigation Alert - New York State Scaffold Law
        4. Litigation Alert - Class Action Fairness Act of 2005
        5. Year End Considerations For Employee Benefit Plan Sponsors
      2. 2006 Alerts
        1. IP Alert - Why Can't You Sue an Infringer of Your Licensed Technology?
        2. E-Discovery Alert: Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. v. Montana Board of Inves
        3. Labor & Employment Alert: New York State Adopts Provision Prohibiting Video
        4. Municipal Alert: Amendment to New York's Freedom of Information Law
        5. Labor Alert: Supervisory Status Under The "Kentucky River" Cases
      3. 2007 Alerts
        1. IP Alert: USPTO Announces Extensive Rule Changes
        2. Labor Alert: Recent Amendments to New York State's Laws Governing Employers
        3. Labor Alert: New York State Social Security Number Protection Law
        4. Labor & Employment Alert: New York High Court Rules No Weingarten Right for
        5. Labor Alert: Recent Amendments to the New York State Labor Law
        6. Labor Alert: OSHA Announces Final Rule on Employer Paid Personal Protective
        7. IP Alert: U.S. District Court Halts Implementation of New USPTO Rules
        8. Employee Benefits Alert: The IRS is Investigating 403(b) Plans
        9. Employee Benefits Alert: New Law Facilitates Automatic Enrollment Arrangeme
        10. Immigration Alert: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Upda
        11. Employee Benefits Alert: IRS Issues Final Section 409A Regulations
        12. IP Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Instructs Federal Courts to Expand Application
        13. Litigation Alert: Amendment to New York General Obligations Law 15-108
        14. Employee Benefits Alert: IRS Settlement Program Regarding Discounted Stock
      4. 2008 Alerts
        1. Labor Alert: Employers -- Be Prepared for the New York State WARN Act
        2. Change in New York State Insurance Law Now Requires Showing of Prejudice
        3. Labor Alert: New Amendments to FMLA Provide Enhanced Leave Entitlements for
      5. Immigration Alert: E-Verification Requirements
      6. Final FMLA Regulations Effective 1/16/09 Require Employer Action
        1. Employee Eligibility
        2. Serious Health Condition
        3. Chronic Health Condition
        4. Certification and Fitness for Duty
        5. Medical Information Available to Employer
        6. Birth or Care of Child
        7. Intermittent Leave
        8. Substitution of Leave
        9. Attendance and Production Bonuses
        10. Employer Notice Requirements
        11. Retroactive Designation of Leave
        12. Employee Notice Requirements
        13. Military Leave
        14. Liability and Penalty Issues
      7. The Employee Free Choice Act
        1. Certification Procedures
        2. Negotiating the First Contract
        3. Remedies (Against Employers)
        4. Overview
        5. Definition of Supervisor
      8. Employee Benefits Alert: Stimulus Bills Contain Major COBRA Changes
      9. April 1, 2009 Filing Date is Crucial
      10. New COBRA Obligations Effective March 1, 2009
      11. Economic & Land Development Alert: Climate Change Enters the Regulatory Lan
      12. DHCR Releases Statewide Affordable Housing Needs Study 2009
      13. Minimum Wage Increase to Take Effect on July 24, 2009
      14. Medicaid Compliance Program Mandate Approaches Deadline
      15. New NYS Power of Attorney Law Effective September 1, 2009
      16. NYS Enacts Important Health Law Changes
      17. New York State Changes Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws
      18. Recent Amendments to the New York State Human Rights Law
      19. New York State Legislation Triggers Additional Employer Obligations
      20. Mandatory Wage Acknowledgement Forms Issued by New York State
      21. Recent Court of Appeals Ruling Could Spawn more SEQRA Lawsuits
      22. Annual Medicare Part D Notices Must Be Distributed by November 15, 2009
      23. Expedited Brownfield Eligibility Program Announced by NYSDEC
      24. U.S. Treasury Awards $5 Billion To Subsidize Projects Under The New Markets
      25. Public Company Employment Agreements May Need to be Amended Before 2010
      26. New Law Alters Consolidation & Dissolution Procedures for NYS Towns & Villa
      27. COBRA Premium Subsidy Extension Signed into Law
      28. Governor Paterson Outlines Economic Development and Affordable Housing Plan
      29. Attachments - Department of Labor Draft COBRA Subsidy
      30. Department of Labor Issues Draft COBRA Subsidy Extension Notices
      31. The New Proxy Rules Impact on Director Qualifications and Diversity of the
      32. The Spotlight on Revised Executive Compensation Disclosures
      33. Board Oversight Role in Risk Management
      34. Reporting of Voting Results
      35. SEC Issues Guidance Regarding Enhanced Proxy Disclosure
      36. New Environmental Due Diligence Standards
      37. Jaeckle Secures $5 Million for ICC in Settlements & Judgment of Superfund C
      38. HIPAA Liability & Reporting Requirements Broaden
      39. Desperate for Dollars - New York State Announces Taxpayer Amnesty Program
      40. NYSE Governance Rule Changes
      41. SEC Climate Change Disclosure Guidance
      42. New York State Alters Guidance to Employers Regarding New Hire Wage Notices
      43. Congress Extends (for the Second Time) and Expands the COBRA Premium Subsi
      44. RiskMetrics Group Adopts New Measure of Governance Related Risk
      45. HIRE Act Provides Tax Breaks for Hiring and Retaining Unemployed Workers
      46. COBRA Premium Subsidy Extended Again
      47. Immediate and Long-Term Challenges For Employers Under Health Care Reform
      48. Health Care Reform Alert - Immediate Action Needed Under Retiree Reinsuranc
      49. Extended Coverage For Young Adult Dependents
      50. Federal Contractor Obligations to Notify Employees of Their Rights Under th
      51. IRS Guidance on the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
      52. HHS Releases Draft Application for the Retiree Reinsurance Program
      53. Public Employee Retirement Incentive
      54. New Rules on Grandfathered Plans May Limit Health Plan Changes
      55. Status of Financial Reform Legislation
      56. For Retiree Health Plan Sponsors, Immediate Action Is Needed
      57. Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on the Insurance Industry
      58. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
      59. Court of Appeals Decision Opens New Opportunities for the NYS Brownfield Cl
      60. Important Dates For Employers Under Health Care Reform
      61. SEC Adopts Final Rules Regarding Proxy Access
      62. Health Care Reform Begins In Earnest Today (September 23, 2010)
      63. SEC Grants Stay of Proxy Access Rules
      64. SEC Proposes Rules Regarding Say-On-Pay and Golden Parachutes
      65. Stand-Alone HRA May Violate the Health Care Reform Law
      66. NYS Smart Growth Act Sets New Requirements for State Funded Development Projects
      67. IRS Delays Nondiscrimination Rules For Insured Health Plans
      68. New York's "Wage Theft Prevention Act" Imposes Sweeping Changes on State Labor Law
      69. FAQs Regarding Reorganization of the New York State Insurance Department
      70. SEC Proposed Rules for Compensation Committee Members and Advisers
      71. June 30, 2011 Deadline for Cafeteria Plan (FSA) Amendments
      72. The Power NY Act of 2011: New Power Facility Siting Regulations Under Article X
      73. New York State Creates Statewide Water Supply Permit Program
      74. New April Deadline: Federal Obligation to Notify Employees of Their Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act
      75. Medicare Part D Notices are Due October 15th
      76. IRS Announces 2012 Cost of Living Adjustments
      77. Marcellus Matters: A Series of Alerts on NYS Proposed Drilling Regulations
      78. Proposed NYSDEC Regs Guard Against Contributing Factors in Wyoming Hydraulic Fracturing Groundwater Case
      79. Important Notice for Private Sector Employers Subject to the National Labor Relations Act
      80. Empire State Development Application Deadline Approaches for Establishing Land Banks
      81. REMINDER: Annual Notices Required Under New York's "Wage Theft Prevention Act"
      82. Case Summary: Jaeckle Prevails in Federal Appeal of Superfund Case
      83. NYSDEC’s Proposed Regulations Provide Restrictions on Gas Well Locations; Guidelines for Water Well Usage
      84. New York's Highest Court Upholds New York Hazardous Waste Regulations
      85. New Regulations on Health Plan Summaries Add to Employer Disclosure Duties
      86. The U.S. Treasury announces the award of $3.5 billion in New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs)
      87. New York Takes Aim At Nonprofit Executive Compensation
      88. Supreme Court Deems EPA Wetlands Compliance Orders Ripe for Judicial Review
      89. FATCA Reporting Requirements Apply to Interests in Foreign Benefit Plans
      90. Adoption of JOBS Act Expected to Significantly Impact Capital Markets
      91. NLRB'S Rights Poster Rule Blocked By Temporary Injunction
      92. Up to $750 Million Available Through Second Regional Economic Development Council Competition
      93. Environmental Case Summary: Jaeckle Fleischmann Recovers Additional $5 Million for Solvent Chemical Corporation
      94. NLRB General Counsel Issues Third Social Media Report: He Probably Doesn't "Like" Your Company's Policy
      95. New York State Expands List of Permissible Employee Wage Deductions
      96. SEC Adopts Rules Regarding Disclosing Use of Conflict Minerals
      97. Warning: New Taxes for 2013
      98. The New York Brownfield Cleanup Program's Exemption From SEQRA Requirements Thrown Into Doubt
      99. Case Summary: The Corporate Shield Remains Intact
      100. Not-for-Profit Alert: NYS Streamlines IRS Form 990 and CHAR 500 Electronic Filings
      101. Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address Outlines an Aggressive Economic Agenda for NYS in 2013
      102. NYS Wage Theft Prevention Act Reminder: Annual Notices Due by February 1, 2013
      103. Budget Proposed by NYS Governor Cuomo Provides For New Spending, No New Taxes or Fees
      104. Health Care Reform Alert: Dealing With the Employer "Shared Responsibility Penalty"
      105. Health Care Reform Alert: Important Deadlines for Employers
      106. Important New Guidance On The Medical Device Excise Tax
      107. Buffalo Billion Dollar Investment Plan Triggers Opportunities for Regional Development
      108. The Role of Insurance Agents and Brokers Under Health Care Reform
      109. New Regulations Require Replacement of FMLA Poster
      110. Employers Required to Use New Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
      111. FICA Tax Paid on Severance Pay in 2009: April 15, 2013 Deadline For Filing Protective Claim For Refund
      112. Appellate Court Upholds Authority For Town to Ban Oil and Gas Exploration
      113. IRS Releases Final Report on Tax-Exempt Colleges and Universities Compliance Project
      114. New York Attorney General Unveils Comprehensive Not-For-Profit and Executive Compensation Reform
      115. NYS Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Retroactive Application Of 2009 Amendments To The Empire Zones Program
      116. Employer "Play or Pay Penalty" Delayed One Year - Large Employer Coverage Mandate Will Now Take Effect January 1, 2015
      117. Less Than 60 Days Until HIPAA "Megarule" Compliance Deadline
      118. Leveling the Playing Field: New York’s “Employee Choice Doctrine” Can Improve Employer Positioning in Non-Compete Litigation
      119. Reporting Requirements Under "Physician Payment Sunshine Act" Begin August 1, 2013
      120. Health Care Alert: Model HIPAA Notices Released, Just in Time for Compliance Deadline
      121. October 1st Deadline Approaches for Affordable Care Act Exchange Notices
      122. CERCLA “Arranger" Liability Remains a Risk for Manufacturing Sector
      123. START-UP NY Emergency Regulations Published and Approved Tax-Free Areas Announced
      124. Leveraging START-UP NY: Tax Benefits Available 2014
      125. New York State Issues New Regulations on Wage Deductions
      126. Reminder: New York State Minimum Wage Increase
      127. Important Amendment to New York’s Unemployment Insurance Law
      128. Federal Insurance Office Releases Modernization Report
      129. Refundable Reimbursement Credit Now Available to Employers Paying Student-Employees the New York State Minimum Wage
      130. With Bipartisan Support, New York Enacts Comprehensive Not-For-Profit Reform
      131. Governor Cuomo Proposes Tax Relief for New York Manufacturers
      132. First Enterprise Risk Management Report Deadline Approaching Under Amended Insurance Law
      133. Governor Cuomo's Proposed Budget Changes Extend the Brownfield Cleanup Program
      134. U.S. Supreme Court Issues Ruling on "Donning and Doffing”
      135. Health Clinic Not Liable for Breach of Patient Confidentiality
      136. Health Care Providers Face March 1st Deadline for HIPAA Breach Reports
      137. New York Court Breathes New Life Into Non-Compete Agreements for Employees Terminated ‘Without Cause'
      138. New York State 2014-15 Budget Estate Tax Changes
      139. Manufacturing Incentives Included in New York State 2014-15 Budget
      140. Initial Conflict Minerals Disclosure Reports Due June 2, 2014
      141. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision Undermines the Contraceptive Mandate
      142. NLRB Gives Employees Right to Use Company Email for Certain Personal Use
      143. NLRB Issues New Rules to Expedite Union Elections
    3. Subscription Center
  7. News
    1. Press Releases
      1. Jaeckle Secures $5 Million for ICC in Settlements & Judgment of Superfu
      2. Mitchell J. Banas, Jr. to Serve Greater Niagara Frontier
      3. Jaeckle Presents A Discussion With Tom Murphy, former Mayor of Pittsburgh
      4. Jaeckle Co-Sponsors Business Leadership Forum on Innovative Leadership
      5. Craig J. Badowski Honored at Buffalo Niagara Partnership Event
      6. Howard S. Rosenhoch Named President of Temple Beth Zion
      7. James G. Meagley Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann as Special Counsel
      8. Heath J. Szymczak to Present at Law School for Insurance Professionals
      9. Charles Grieco to Present at NY Upstate Planning Assoc. Conference
      10. Nicole R. Tzetzo Named to BPO Board of Trustees
      11. Jaeckle Fleischmann to Present 2010 Annual Labor & Employment Seminar
      12. Charles D. Grieco to Present on Form Based Zoning at Municipal Workshop
      13. Jaeckle Welcomes Melinda G. Disare & James N. Schmit
      14. Robert W. Patterson and Michele O. Heffernan to Present on Health Care Reform at Commercial Business Seminar
      15. Three Jaeckle Fleischmann Partners to Present at Tax Institute
      16. Jaeckle Fleischmann Adds Three Attorneys to Labor & Employment Practice Group
      17. Heath J. Szymczak to Be Recognized by the NYSBA
      18. Jaeckle Fleischmann Selects Avant Building for New Downtown Location
      19. Mitchell J. Banas, Jr. Named Fellow by Litigation Counsel of America
      20. Former NFTA Executive Director Larry Meckler Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      21. Anthony J. Latona Re-Elected to the Board of Directors of Leadership Buffalo
      22. Michael Piette to Serve as Presenter at Annual Real Estate Conference
      23. Nicholas J. Hoffman Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      24. Joseph Kubarek and Tim Loftis Elected to Lead Jaeckle Executive Committee
      25. Howard Rosenhoch to Receive Distinguished Alumni Award from UB Law School
      26. Scott P. Horton Named to ProZoo Board of Directors
      27. Thomas Brydges Honored by Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation
      28. Gayle Eagan Named Lawyer of the Year by Bar Association of Erie County
      29. Beverley Braun to Present at NYSBA Seminar on Estate Litigation
      30. Scott Horton to Present on Workplace Harassment at New York State Conference
      31. Larry Meckler to Moderate Panel on Economic Development at Buffalo Niagara Partnership Conference
      32. Tim Loftis Elected Chair of Buffalo Niagara Partnership Board of Directors
      33. David Brock Named to The Park School Board of Trustees
      34. Nicole Tzetzo Named "40 Under 40" Award Recipient
      35. Jaeckle Fleischmann Sets Date for Move to Avant Building
      36. Melinda Disare to Present on NYS Wage Theft Prevention Act
      37. Jaeckle Co-Sponsors Health Care Reform Seminar
      38. Selling or Transitioning Your Company Briefing Scheduled Tuesday, November 15, 2011
      39. Jaeckle Prevails in Federal Appeal of Superfund Case to Recover Future Cleanup Costs and Obtain New Allocation
      40. Jaeckle Fleischmann Names Scott P. Horton Partner
      41. Lindsay M. McKenna Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      42. Heath Szymczak Named to Mid-Day Club Board of Directors
      43. Michael E. Hickey Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      44. Business Leadership Forum on Preventing Cyber Risks Scheduled for June 19, 2012
      45. Joseph P. Kubarek Named to Hilbert College Board of Trustees
      46. Vincent Hanley Named to Catholic Health Continuing Care Foundation Board of Directors
      47. Patrick A. Quinlan Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann’s Intellectual Property Practice Group
      48. Jaeckle Fleischmann Environmental Attorneys Recover Additional $5 Million for Solvent Chemical Corporation
      49. Jaeckle Partner David Brock Featured at Recent Ethics Seminars
      50. Robert Patterson Featured as a Guest Speaker at the Medical Group Management Association Seminar
      51. Governor Cuomo appoints Tim C. Loftis to the NYS Dormitory Authority Board
      52. Tim C. Loftis Appointed to New York State Dormitory Authority Board
      53. Robert Patterson to Present on Health Care Reform
      54. Gayle Eagan, Michael Piette and James Schmit Named to “Lawyer of the Year” List
      55. Steven Ricca Elected to SPCA Board of Directors
      56. Jaeckle Fleischmann Attorneys Named "Who's Who In Law"
      57. Heath Szymczak Appointed National Co-Chair of American Bar Association Business Torts Litigation Sub Committee
      58. Vincent Hanley to Chair Local Panel for Statewide Program
      59. Sharon Swift Elected President of VIVE, Inc.
      60. Nicole R. Tzetzo to Present at Tax Institute
      61. Jaeckle Fleischmann Named to U.S. News Best Law Firms List
      62. James Meagley to Present at Erie Institute of Law CLE Seminar
      63. Robert Patterson to Present on the Affordable Care Act
      64. Gayle Eagan Honored by Legal Services for the Elderly
      65. Lindsay M. McKenna to Present at New York State Bar Association CLE
      66. Charles D. Grieco to Present on Planning and Zoning to Village Officials Association
      67. Steven Ricca to Moderate Panel Discussion on Sustainable Development
      68. David Brock Featured at Recent Ethics Seminar
      69. Thomas A. Palmer to Serve as a Panelist at Business Leadership Forum on Succession Planning
      70. Robert Patterson to Present on Health Care Reform to Area Accountants
      71. Lauren A. Fish Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      72. Jaeckle Fleischmann’s Legal Alliance TAGLaw Awarded “Elite” Ranking in Chambers Global 2013
      73. Thomas Palmer to be Recognized by University at Buffalo Alumni Association
      74. Mitchell J. Banas, Jr. to Be Honored by Greater Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America
      75. Business Leadership Forum on Health Care & Tax Reform Scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, 2013
      76. Heath Szymczak Publishes Standardizing Efficiencies in Business Litigation to National Legal Audience
      77. Vincent Hanley to Receive Hilbert College Medal
      78. David Brock Appointed Chairman of Attorney Grievance Committee, Chaired Recent NYSBA Ethics Seminar
      79. Scott Horton to Present on Social Media at NYSBA CLE
      80. Robert Patterson to Present on Health Care Reform to Agricultural Group
      81. Michael A. Piette Honored by Family & Children's Service of Niagara
      82. Scott Horton to Co-Chair Buffalo Zoo Fundraiser
      83. Heath Szymczak Appointed to Executive Committee of the NYSBA Commercial and Federal Litigation Section
      84. Vincent Hanley Featured at Recent Higher Education Seminar
      85. Lauren A. Fish Appointed to Epilepsy Association of WNY, Inc. Board
      86. Tim Loftis Re-Elected Chair of Buffalo Niagara Partnership Board of Directors
      87. Scott Horton to Present at State Human Resource Convention
      88. Gayle Eagan, Vincent Hanley, Michele Heffernan and Randall Odza Named to “Lawyer Of The Year” List
      89. Diane M. Pietraszewski Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann
      90. Jaeckle Fleischmann to Present Annual Labor & Employment Seminar
      91. Jean Powers Honored by Trocaire College
      92. Diane M. Pietraszewski Elected Board President of Working For Downtown
      93. Congress for New Urbanism Names Charles Grieco Program Committee Chair for National Conference
      94. David Brock and Howard Rosenhoch to Present Ethics CLE Seminar
      95. Patrick Emmerling to Present at 60th Annual Tax Institute
      96. Robert Patterson Elected to Artpark Board of Directors
      97. Nicole Tzetzo to Present at Not-for-Profit Conference
      98. Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP Names Bradley A. Hoppe Partner
      99. Robert Patterson Elected to P2 Collaborative Board of Directors
      100. Gayle Eagan Honored by National Federation for Just Communities of WNY
      101. James Meagley Authors Local Interest Book, Honored by the Historical Society of Delaware County (NY)
      102. Attorneys Joseph A. Stoeckl & Patrick E. Martin Join Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP
      103. Heath Szymczak Authors Chapter for American Bar Association Book Business Torts: A Practical Guide to Litigation
      104. Vincent Hanley Appointed to Food Bank of Western New York Board of Directors
      105. Melinda Disare Named to Top Upstate Lawyer List
      106. Twenty-one Jaeckle Fleischmann Attorneys Named "Super Lawyers" for 2014
      107. Melinda Disare, Gayle Eagan, Raymond Reichert and Charles Swanekamp Named to Best “Lawyer Of The Year” List
      108. Twenty-Five Jaeckle Fleischmann Attorneys Named as "Best Lawyers in America" by Peer Review
      109. Beverley S. Braun Honored by Federal Court for Pro Bono Service
      110. Jaeckle Fleischmann Recognizes Attorney Honorees of "Legal Elite of WNY"
      111. Scott Horton to Present at Social Media Tourism Summit
      112. Lindsay McKenna Joins Autism Services Board
      113. Jaeckle Fleischmann Named to U.S. News - Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” List for 2015
      114. Evan Y. Bussiere Joins Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP
      115. Charles Grieco Appointed to the Board of Directors of New York State Chemistry Council and Chair of its Regulatory Affairs Committee
      116. Kayla Klos Appointed to Cornell Club of Greater Buffalo Board of Directors
      117. Charles Swanekamp Appointed to Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission Advisory Council
      118. Vincent O. Hanley Appointed to Mercy Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
    2. Events & Seminars
      1. Events Archive
      2. POSTPONED Are Your Secrets Safe? What your company needs to know about trade secret protection 12/9/14
    3. CLE Seminars
      1. CLE Seminar Archive
    4. Jaeckle in the Media
      1. Jaeckle remembers our friend and former colleague Paul Weaver
      2. Guidelines on document retention - David Brock column appears in the Buffalo Law Journal
      3. Niagara Gazette reports Anniversary year a good one for Artpark & Company and Jaeckle
      4. Five questions with... Jean Powers in the Buffalo Law Journal
      5. Banks face elaborate borrowing fraud schemes-Business First of Buffalo Article features Beverley Braun
      6. Having their say: WNY Super Lawyers - Buffalo Law Journal Article features Melinda Disare
      7. Clients protect costs in litigation: Charles Swanekamp discusses the current state of litigation in the Buffalo Law Journal
      8. Five questions with... Lauren Fish in the Buffalo Law Journal
      9. Charles D. Grieco quoted in Buffalo News article highlighting the Village of Williamsville's commitment to walkable communities
      10. LinkedIn Endorsements a gray area for WNY attorneys - Buffalo Law Journal article features David Brock
      11. Limit costs, delays in business litigation - Heath Szymczak Guest Columnist in Buffalo Law Journal
      12. The 5 W’s of mediation with David G. Brock
      13. Tim Loftis featured in Business First of Buffalo
      14. Five questions with... Vincent Hanley in the Buffalo Law Journal
      15. Revised HIPAA rules zero in on breaches Buffalo Law Journal features Robert W. Patterson
      16. Tim Loftis leads search committee for Buffalo Niagara Partnership CEO replacement, quoted in Business First of Buffalo Article
      17. Trial law: A complex beast - Buffalo Law Journal features Mitchell J. Banas
      18. Progressive zoning creates opportunities Buffalo Law Journal Features Charles D. Grieco
      19. Thomas A. Palmer featured in The Buffalo News: Planning for a loss can spare others more pain
      20. Tim Loftis quoted in Business First of Buffalo Article - Search for a new leader is priority for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership
      21. Social-media ownership still a gray area: Buffalo Law Journal Features Scott Horton
      22. Taxpayers smell change in the air for 2013 - Raymond Reichert serves as guest author for the Buffalo Law Journal
      23. Thomas E. Brydges quoted in Business First of Buffalo Article - Finding growth areas will be priority for new Daemen CEO
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